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  Advanced chemicals Specialities was introduce in Pakistan in 1992, providing the services at its level best. As time passes, the productivy in chemical sector increases.  
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  Raw Materials of Advance Chemicals Specialities Product Description Manufacturer Origin Price (Pkr/Kg) Product Usage Qty(Kgs) in Ex-Stock Qty(Kgs) in Imports Total (Kgs) Action
1 Abex EP-110 Rhodia USA Rs 200/Kg + 16% GST   10,000 Kgs 40,000 Kgs in imports during the course of this ye   View Details
2 Abex EP-100 Rhodia USA Rs 200/Kg + 16% GST   10000 Kgs Appx 50,000 Kgs during the course of year 2013   View Details
3 Triton DF-16 Dow USA Rs 300/Kg + 16% GST   14000 Kgs None   View Details
4 Surfonic L24-3 Huntsman USA Rs 280/Kg + 2% GST   20000 Kgs A close subsitute (3 moles coco amine ethoxylate)   View Details
5 Calsoft AOS-40 11 Pilot Chemical USA USA Rs 175/Kg + 16% GST   30,000 Kgs 40,000 Kgs in June and 40,000 Kgs in July 2013   View Details
6 Disponil AES=25 BASF USA Rs 200/Kg   20000 Kgs 80000 Kgs   View Details
7 Abex VA-50 Rhodia USA Rs 200/Kg + GST   13000 Kgs 20,000 Kgs   View Details
8 Neodox 23-4 Hickson Danchem Corporation USA Rs 250/Kg + GST   6044 Kgs None at the present time   View Details
9 Detrope CA-100 Deforest USA Rs 300/Kg + GST   3000 Kgs None at the present moment   View Details
10 Y-12961 Silicone Antifoam Emulsion Momentive USA Rs 500/Kg + GST   2000 Kgs None at the present moment   View Details