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  Advanced chemicals Specialities was introduce in Pakistan in 1992, providing the services at its level best. As time passes, the productivy in chemical sector increases.  
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  Mold Release Agents  
  A release agent is a chemical used to get a slip effect. It can provide a solution in processes involving mold release, die-cast release, plastic release, and tire and web release These products are lubricants in nature, most of them are silocone based, emulsified with Alcohol ethoxylate emulsifiers. They are used in Concrete, Food processing, paper, Rubber, leather, metal, plastic and many other industries. For Rubber industries, there are two types of release agents used in the molding of rubber products. Both are silicon based. The decision on which to use has to do with lubricity and release.
  Advamold RU-42  
By :Abd-e-Ali | Visits: 10251  
Chemical Name: Methyl Siloxanes with Alcohol Ethoxylates
  Chemical Family: Siloxanes & Ethoxylates  
  Product Use: For lubrication in Metal, Rubber, Plastics & Allied Industries  
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