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  Advanced chemicals Specialities was introduce in Pakistan in 1992, providing the services at its level best. As time passes, the productivy in chemical sector increases.  
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  Pretreatment in textile processing, covers processes after sizing and before dyeing. These processes are desizing, scouring & bleaching. The purpose of desizing is to remove the size, which will not allow any absorption of chemicals and dyes in the later processes. Scouring is carried out to make textile absorptive and bleaching is carried to make the textile substrate cleaner and whiter.
  Advawet LCW  
By :Abd-e-Ali | Visits: 8548  
Chemical Name: Not established as formulated product
  Chemical Family: Secondary Alcohol Ethoxlate with Alkyl Aryl Sulphonate  
  Product Use: This product is in liquid form and is used for continous scouring and bleaching operations.  
  Advawet FL-25  
By :Abd-e-Ali | Visits: 8577  
Chemical Name: Mixture of Ethoxylates
  Chemical Family: Alcohol Ethoxylates  
  Product Use: For Anti Back Staining of Denim Garments.  
  Advastab SD-50 Conc.  
By :Abd-e-Ali | Visits: 9189  
Chemical Name: Unknown
  Chemical Family: Carboxylic Acids Amides  
  Product Use: In textile bleaching operations, as Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer  
  Advawet DSW  
By :Abd-e-Ali | Visits: 10851  
Chemical Name: Sodium Salt of Secondary Alkane Sulphonate
  Chemical Family: Mixture of Anionics & Nonionics surface active agents  
  Product Use: In high alkaline operations of textile scouring, bleaching.  
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