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  Advanced chemicals Specialities was introduce in Pakistan in 1992, providing the services at its level best. As time passes, the productivy in chemical sector increases.  
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  Advawet ABS  
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Chemical Name: 2-Sodium ethyl hexyl sulfate in combination with C10 & C16-C18 alcohols with EO
  Chemical Family: Alkyl sulphates & Poly glycol ethers  
  Chemical Formulae : C8H17NaO4S in combination with CnH2n+1OH.nEO  
  Product Use: In continuos bleaching of Cotton and its blends,as a wetting agent.  
  Product Note : Low foaming, high wetting alkali stable product. Also a very good emulsifier  
  Testing Data Sheet for Advawet ABS Print version
  Extremely High wetting, detergent, emulsifier, very low Foaming, high Caustic Stable product for exhaust & continuous bleaching of Cotton & its blends.
  Typical Data:
  Chemical Character    
  Combination of Sodium 2-ethylhexyl sulphates with C10 & C16 poly glycol ethers with ethylene oxide
  Appearance : Colorless liquid
  Active Ingredient % : 50%
  PH value : 6-7
  Storage Stability    
  stable up to one year
  Advawet ABS Conc :
  Specific Properties:    
  • This product is developed for de-sizing, causticizing, scouring, bleaching, cleaning, oxidizing, neutralizing and de-oiling agent.
• Excellent stability in acids & alkaline liquors.
  Special Features:    
  • Possesses an outstanding wetting & detergency power over the entire pH and temperature range, especially in an alkaline medium.
• Very low foaming or non foaming product. • It is Nonyl Phenol Ethylene Oxide free product.
  Application :
  Dissolving Method :    
  • It is readily soluble in water in any proportions.
  Processes :    
  Dosing Recipes for Cotton Pretreatment
• 2-4 g/l Adva®desz DNM
• 1-2 g/l Adva®wet ABS
• 70g/l Caustic Soda Liquid 48°Be
• 2-6 g/l Adva®wet MH
Exhaust (g/l) Pad Steam (g/l) Pad Batch (g/l)
Hydrogen Peroxide (50%) 4-12 20-40 20-50
Caustic Soda Liquid (48°Be) 1-4 5-15 10-40
Adva ® wet ABS 0.5-2 2-6 2-8
Adva ® stab SD-38 conc.

0.5-1.5 4-12 4-12
Adva ® chel HA-57 conc. 0.5-1.5 1-2 1-3
  End Note:    
  All information quoted above is based on our experience and actual know-how, but it is given without guarantee and obligation. Recommendation on the application and use of our products should be adapted to the particular works, conditions and other materials employed.
  MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) Advawet ABS  
  Section 1 Complete Details | Print version  
  Composition/Information on Ingredients  
  Section 2 Complete Details | Print version  
  Hazards Identification  
  Section 3 Complete Details | Print version  
  First Aid Measures  
  Section 4 Complete Details | Print version  
  Fire Fighting Measures  
  Section 5 Complete Details | Print version  
  Accidental Release Measures  
  Section 6 Complete Details | Print version  
  Handling and Storage  
  Section 7 Complete Details | Print version  
  Exposure Controls/Personal Protection  
  Section 8 Complete Details | Print version  
  Physical and Chemical Properties  
  Section 9 Complete Details | Print version  
  Stability and Reactivity  
  Section 10 Complete Details | Print version  
  Toxicological Information  
  Section 11 Complete Details | Print version  
  Ecological Information  
  Section 12 Complete Details | Print version  
  Disposal Considerations  
  Section 13 Complete Details | Print version  
  Transport Information  
  Section 14 Complete Details | Print version  
  Regulatory Information  
  Section 15 Complete Details | Print version  
  Other Information  
  Contact Information  
  Contact Person : Abde-Ali Bohra  
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