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  Advanced chemicals Specialities was introduce in Pakistan in 1992, providing the services at its level best. As time passes, the productivy in chemical sector increases.  
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  Advasil AF-21  
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Chemical Name: Polyether poly methyl siloxanes
  Chemical Family: Siloxanes & ether  
  Chemical Formulae : Will be provided upon request  
  Product Use: For Finishing of Textile Fabrics  
  Product Note : Product discontinued, replaced by new HALS technology. The new products are Advasil LH-50, Advasil LT-40 and Advasil TW-40. Product is suitable only in Padding Applications. Dilution must be done in cold water.  
  Testing Data Sheet for Advasil AF-21 Print version
  ADVASIL AF-21 is a excellent micro emulsion which is used as a softening agent for the finish of high quality fabrics. It gives excellent soft and slippery finishes on all types of fibers, especially on terry towels, cellulosic bedsheets, produced from pigment printing.
  Typical Data:
  Chemical Character    
  Amino functional silicone softener with modified polyether
  Appearance : Colourless to pale yellowish liquid
  Active Ingredient % : 21%
  PH value : 6-7
  Storage Stability    
  The product is supplied in emulsion, it is a micro emulsion, hence it is required to shake the contents of the drum well before use.
  • If stored under normal conditions of temperature and pressure the product is stable upto one year.
      Advasil AF-21 Conc :
      Specific Properties:    
    • Specially recommended on Terry Towels & Cotton Bedsheets which have been produced by pigment printing. •
    • Compatabile with other finishing agents.
      Special Features:    
    • Ensures a very low tendency to yellow or change in tone of the fabric shade •
    • Enhances wickability on knits, synthetic and blended fabrics. •
    • Formation flexibility can be used along with other silicone and organic softeners. •
    • Excellent pH stability
      Application :
      Dissolving Method :    
      Soluble in water in any proportions. Use only cold water for dilution
      Processes :    

    • Dosing Recipes for Cotton Finishing

      - 20-40 g/l Advasil AF-21
      Padding Application only Details
    • Note: For Exhaust application pre-trials in sample machines are must to check product shear stability against all soft flow’s , HT’s machines.
    • Exhaust Dosage : If found stable then use 0.5-1.5% o.w.f
    • Padding Application only
    • Substrate: 100% Cotton – Soft Feeling (Bedsheets, Terry Towels, Denim, Twill Fabrics)
    • Use 10-30 gpl Advasil AF-21 at pH 5-5.5
    • Substrate: 100% Polyester –Slippery feeling
    • Use 10-20 gpl Advasil AF-21 at pH 5-5.5
    • Pad at room temperature
    • Expression or Padding pick up is 70%
    • Dry at 140ºC
      End Note:    
      All information quoted above is based on our experience and actual know-how, but it is given without guarantee and obligation. Recommendation on the application and use of our products should be adapted to the particular works, conditions and other materials employed
      MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) Advasil AF-21  
      Section 1 Complete Details | Print version  
      Composition/Information on Ingredients  
      Section 2 Complete Details | Print version  
      Hazards Identification  
      Section 3 Complete Details | Print version  
      First Aid Measures  
      Section 4 Complete Details | Print version  
      Fire Fighting Measures  
      Section 5 Complete Details | Print version  
      Accidental Release Measures  
      Section 6 Complete Details | Print version  
      Handling and Storage  
      Section 7 Complete Details | Print version  
      Exposure Controls/Personal Protection  
      Section 8 Complete Details | Print version  
      Physical and Chemical Properties  
      Section 9 Complete Details | Print version  
      Stability and Reactivity  
      Section 10 Complete Details | Print version  
      Toxicological Information  
      Section 11 Complete Details | Print version  
      Ecological Information  
      Section 12 Complete Details | Print version  
      Disposal Considerations  
      Section 13 Complete Details | Print version  
      Transport Information  
      Section 14 Complete Details | Print version  
      Regulatory Information  
      Section 15 Complete Details | Print version  
      Other Information  
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