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  Advanced chemicals Specialities was introduce in Pakistan in 1992, providing the services at its level best. As time passes, the productivy in chemical sector increases.  
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  Advamas FL-50  
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Chemical Name: Acrylic Acid Polymers
  Chemical Family: Carboxylic Acid Amides  
  Chemical Formulae : Carboxylic Acid including Acrylic & Maleic Acid Polymers  
  Product Use: They are used to tighten loose parts of all leather skin. These products provide excellent compaction to all the leather structure.  
  Product Note : They are like resins, imparting also fullness, which can minimize quantities of fat liqours, the application on softest part of the leather, obtains hides with good feel, smoothness and resistance.  
  Testing Data Sheet for Advamas FL-50 Print version
  Advamas FL-50 is used for Retanning and filling of chrome leather. Advamas FL-50 is applied in retanning and filling of chrome leathers becomes fixed preferably on bellies and on the softest parts of the leather, obtaining hides with good feel, smoothness and resistances.
  Typical Data:
  Chemical Character    
  Emulsified Carboxylic Acids with amides
  Appearance : Reddish Brown liquid
  Active Ingredient % : 50%
  PH value : 2.30
  Storage Stability    
  Stable upto one year.
  Advamas FL-50 Conc :
  Specific Properties:    
Due to its very soft nature big quantities can be added without harming the softness. In splits and velour, it improves the suede.
It can be used before, during and after the dyeing and fatting phases.
It can be used as subsitute of vegetable and synthetic tannins, principally in articles for white owing to the inoxability of product.
  Special Features:    
Excellent results are achieved in leather with non-compact bellies, combining Advamas FL-50 with a retanning agent of organic nature such as Advamas FL-32
It gives certain fullness, which saves fat liquor consumption
Its effect becomes most obvious in the retanning of sheepskins or leathers with frayed structures where a significant improvement can be achieved.
  Application :
  Dissolving Method :    
  Easily soluble in water in all proportions.
  Processes :    
It is recommended to apply it any stage of the retannage after neutralization process and run for 30 to 40 minutes.
For All Kind of leathers in good condition, always use 2.5%-4.5%

For Leathers in bad condition, or with tendency to looseness use 5-9%

Guiding dosages: (% on shaved weight)
- For Cow milled nappa or softy: 5-9%
- For Cow nappa or upper: 3.5-7%
- For Sheep Garment 2.5-4%
- For Sheep nappa or upper 3.5-4%
- For Sheep or goat suede 3-5%
- For Lining 2.5-4.5%
- For Suede split 2-6%

In Chrome retannage:

Process for Cattle milled nappa 1.6mm. (% on shaved weight, After neutralization pH 4.8 to 5.2)/span>

-Water at 35C 80%
- Advamas FL-50 3-6% run for 30-40 mins
- Advamas FL-32 4% br /> - Continue with Fatliquoring.
Prior Fatliquoring

Process for buffalo shoe nappa 1.8mm. (% on shaved weight)

After retannage same bath
- Water at 55C 80%
- Advamas FL-50 2-5% run 20 min
- Advamas FL-32 3%
- Continue with the fixation.
  End Note:    
  All information quoted above is based on our experience and actual know-how, but it is given without guarantee and obligation. Recommendation on the application and use of our products should be adapted to the particular works, conditions and other materials employed
  MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) Advamas FL-50  
  Section 1 Complete Details | Print version  
  Composition/Information on Ingredients  
  Section 2 Complete Details | Print version  
  Hazards Identification  
  Section 3 Complete Details | Print version  
  First Aid Measures  
  Section 4 Complete Details | Print version  
  Fire Fighting Measures  
  Section 5 Complete Details | Print version  
  Accidental Release Measures  
  Section 6 Complete Details | Print version  
  Handling and Storage  
  Section 7 Complete Details | Print version  
  Exposure Controls/Personal Protection  
  Section 8 Complete Details | Print version  
  Physical and Chemical Properties  
  Section 9 Complete Details | Print version  
  Stability and Reactivity  
  Section 10 Complete Details | Print version  
  Toxicological Information  
  Section 11 Complete Details | Print version  
  Ecological Information  
  Section 12 Complete Details | Print version  
  Disposal Considerations  
  Section 13 Complete Details | Print version  
  Transport Information  
  Section 14 Complete Details | Print version  
  Regulatory Information  
  Section 15 Complete Details | Print version  
  Other Information  
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