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  Advanced chemicals Specialities was introduce in Pakistan in 1992, providing the services at its level best. As time passes, the productivy in chemical sector increases.  
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  Advadisp KF-57  
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Chemical Name: To be available if desired
  Chemical Family: Carboxylic Acid Amides  
  Chemical Formulae : To be available if desired  
  Product Use: As a dispersing agent  
  Product Note : Product is used in paints, leather, paper & pulp, rubber, sugar and many allied industries.  
  Testing Data Sheet for Advadisp KF-57 Print version
  Advadisp KF-57 is a polymeric dispersing agent. It can be used as dye molecules remover, wash off auxiliary, anti-back staining, pigment dispersant, sequestering agent, organic stabilizer, dispersant polymer for mineral slurries and various other applications
  Typical Data:
  Chemical Character    
  Carboxylic Acid Amide
  Appearance : Dull Pale yellow thick liquid
  Active Ingredient % : Not calculated
  PH value : 6-7
  Storage Stability    
  Stable upto one year, under normal conditions of temperature and pressure. It is advisable to shake the contents before use.
  Advadisp KF-57 Conc :
  Specific Properties:    
  • Advadisp KF-57 adsorbs on pigment particles and the polymer negative charges stabilize the dispersion by electrostatic and steric repulsion.
  • Provides high solids concentration slurries with low viscosities.
  • Exhibits a very good thermal and mechanical stability
      Special Features:    
  • Can be added to lubricating oils used in automotive engines to prevent the accumulation of varnish like deposits on the cylinder walls.
  • In concretes Advadisp KF-57 addition lowers the use of water and still keeps the same flow.
  • Find use in Oil spill, where use Advadisp KF-57 may rapidly disperse large amounts of certain oil types from sea surface by transferring it into the water column.
      Application :
      Dissolving Method :    
      Easily soluble in water in any proportions at any temperature.
      Processes :    
      Depending on applications, as discussed in Header note and special features, a starting such as 0.5-2 gm/l is recommended.
      Dispersing one may understand in relative simple terms, is the break down of bigger particles into smaller and fine uniform particles, and preventing settling at bottom, and avoiding impurities. So, Advadisp KF-57 finds application in numerous fields. Users are encouraged to perform small laboratory or test trials.
      End Note:    
      This information is based on our current knowledge and experience. But we have no control on user application and environment. Though this information is provided in its actual sense, but we take no claims or warranty or guarantee on the use of this product.
      MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) Advadisp KF-57  
      Section 1 Complete Details | Print version  
      Composition/Information on Ingredients  
      Section 2 Complete Details | Print version  
      Hazards Identification  
      Section 3 Complete Details | Print version  
      First Aid Measures  
      Section 4 Complete Details | Print version  
      Fire Fighting Measures  
      Section 5 Complete Details | Print version  
      Accidental Release Measures  
      Section 6 Complete Details | Print version  
      Handling and Storage  
      Section 7 Complete Details | Print version  
      Exposure Controls/Personal Protection  
      Section 8 Complete Details | Print version  
      Physical and Chemical Properties  
      Section 9 Complete Details | Print version  
      Stability and Reactivity  
      Section 10 Complete Details | Print version  
      Toxicological Information  
      Section 11 Complete Details | Print version  
      Ecological Information  
      Section 12 Complete Details | Print version  
      Disposal Considerations  
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      Transport Information  
      Section 14 Complete Details | Print version  
      Regulatory Information  
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      Other Information  
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