Material Safety Data Sheet
Plot No.363, Gabol Town, North Karachi Industrial Area, Karachi Sindh Pakistan  
  Advamas FL-50  
  Chemical Name: Acrylic Acid Polymers  
  Chemical Family: Carboxylic Acid Amides  
  Chemical Formulae : Carboxylic Acid including Acrylic & Maleic Acid Polymers  
  Product Use: They are used to tighten loose parts of all leather skin. These products provide excellent compaction to all the leather structure.  
  Contact Person : Abde-Ali Bohra  
  Product Note : They are like resins, imparting also fullness, which can minimize quantities of fat liqours, the application on softest part of the leather, obtains hides with good feel, smoothness and resistance.  
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  Section 3: First Aid Measures  
  Product Name : Advamas FL-50  
  Eyes : Immediately flush with water for 15 minutes, occasionally lifting the upper and lower eyelids. Get medical aid immediately  
  Skin : Remove from skin and wash thoroughly with soap and water or waterless cleanser, while removing contaminated clothing and shoes. Get medical attention if irritation or other ill effects develop or persist.  
  Ingestion : Do NOT induce vomiting. If conscious and alert, rinse mouth and drink 2-4 cupfuls of milk or water. If vomiting occurs, keep head lower than hips to prevent aspiration. If person is unconscious, turn head to side. Get medical attention immediately.  
  Inhalation : When safe to enter area, remove exposure. Use a bag valve mask or similar device to perform artificial respiration (rescue breathing) if needed. Get medical attention.  
  Notes to physician : Treat according to person's condition and specifics exposure  
  Section 3 Notes :  
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