Material Safety Data Sheet
Plot No.363, Gabol Town, North Karachi Industrial Area, Karachi Sindh Pakistan  
  Chemical Name: Poly Acrylates  
  Chemical Family: Poly Carboxylic Acids  
  Chemical Formulae : Not Determined  
  Product Use: As levelling and dispersing agent, for reactive dyes during dyeing of Cotton and its Blends.  
  Contact Person : Abde-Ali Bohra  
  Product Note : This product is to be used esp. in shades of Turquoise, Royal Blue and lemon yellow like Teal, Jade, Bottle Green and other difficult dye combinations.  
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  Section 2: Hazard Identifications  
  Product Name : Advalevc  
  Information Note :  
  Emergency Overview  
  Physical Form :  
  Major Health Hazards :  
  Physical Hazards :  
  Routes of Entry :  
  Potential Health Effects  
  Inhalation :  
  Skin Contact :  
  Eye Contact :  
  Ingestion :  
  Carcinogen Status :  
  Acute Health Hazards :  
  Chronic Health Hazards :  
  Medical Conditions :  
  Section 2 Notes :